Help us find Britain’s Most Deserving

At, we believe there’s a lot of good going on in the world. We also believe in rewarding those people who make this happen – the kind of person who will go to extraordinary lengths to help those less fortunate, without expecting anything in return. That’s why we hold regular awards to find the most deserving of people out there, reveal their stories and give them a little something in return.


The first of the Most Deserving Awards called out Caroline Rutley-Frayne as the nation’s most deserving local hero, and rewarded her with a Ford Focus and £2,500 donation to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust – a charity chosen by Caroline.


We rewarded the UK’s most deserving student, David Moorhead with a Renault Twingo worth £5,000 to help with his lengthy commute to university, and a £1,000 donation to the University of Bedfordshire where David studied.


Then came the turn of the UK’s most deserving businesses, which saw David Reed – owner of Fizz Pop Science in Bristol driving away in a much needed Ford Transit Van, filled with science equipment for use at his children’s science education shows.

Inspired by all of the heart-warming and inspirational stories we get to hear as part of these awards, we’re setting out to find more of the UK’s unsung heroes. Businesses, sports stars, students, and local heroes – anyone who supports their community, economy or family out of selflessness and work tirelessly to achieve success deserve recognition for making Britain a better place.

Browse our campaigns to discover which of the country’s heroes we’re going after next, and nominate someone you feel truly deserves to win the ‘Most Deserving’ title.